Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews: What Customers Are Saying About Green Hills Muscular Therapy

The cornerstone of our success is our customer's satisfaction! We go above and beyond to ensure our customer's complete satisfaction.
We work in a fast paced, and at times, stressful business. We spend hours on the phone and computer, which leads to neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. Having Chris come to our office is a wonderful break for us. Having someone massage these problems area on a regular basis enables us to perform our jobs in a more pleasant mind set.
I met Chris with GHMT more than 10 years ago when she started giving massages at my workplace. With each of my subsequent job changes, I “took her with me,” having her set up accounts at my new workplaces. She is so amazing. She is thorough, she remembers my special needs from session to session, and she is THE BEST massage therapist I have ever used.
Sitting in front of a computer screen most of the day, combined with too infrequent physical training, used to leave me – and many of my colleagues – stiff, sore and grumpy. Enter Chris McLaughlin and her excellent chair-massage therapists at Green Hills Muscular Therapy, and away go all the accumulated tensions of the week! I’m afraid we are all thoroughly addicted to the healing hands from GHMT. Thank you, Chris, et al!
Offering on-site chair massage is a key aspect to ChangeHealthCare’s Wellness Program. The service from GHMT is professional, dependable and convenient. This service is viewed as a tremendous benefit by our employees.
GHMT is the highlight of our Fridays. In a busy working environment having a 10-20 min massage can take all of the days stress away. We like the flexibility and professionalism we receive
Amy Teague
Accounts Receivable Specialist, BB&T Insurance Services
I met Chris at my workplace doing chair massages. These massages directly focus on the problem areas of working at a desk all day - neck, back, arms, and even hands. At first I wasn't sure it would really benefit me but when I tried it I was hooked. When I remind coworkers she is coming they all are excited to schedule a time and comment on how wonderful her massages are as well as how sweet she is. Chris works with us and our schedules - always willing to accommodate.She is very personable and a joy to know. I know my colleagues and I definitely benefit from the break and relaxation that come from her massages.
Wendy Peppers
Morgan Stanley, Branch Manager Assistant
We have worked with Green Hills Muscular Therapy for several years, and being able to offer onsite chair massage service to our associates has been a great benefit. Every staff member we have worked with at GHMT has been very service oriented and accommodating.
Angie Tucker
Business Analyst, Client Engagement
For the past 11 years, Chris has kept my back, shoulders, and me in better “working condition” with her most effective, stress-relieving chair massages. Sitting at a desk all day in a high-stress occupation causes lots of body tension. The times I think I don’t need it are the times she seems to find the most problem areas that do need attention. Chris is professional and friendly, and always goes right to the heart of the soreness, which I so appreciate. I look forward to her massages every Wednesday!
Twila Graham
Vice President – Wealth Management Financial Advisor , CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®)
The Mondays when Chris is scheduled to be here with her chair are always the BEST! She has a faithful following of our employees who look forward to each session because she is so amazing. Her touch ranges from light to deep tissue depending on the person’s tolerance and request. Our thanks go to her and her staff for helping to alleviate the stress and tension that gather in our necks and backs!
Margaret Stephens
Administrative Systems Coordinator, Vanguard Healthcare Services
We have been using Chris and her team at Green Hills Muscular Therapy for years and our staff really looks forward to their weekly chair massages. The staff is on time, great at what they do, they communicate well and are easy to be around.
Dr. Mark A. Horne, DDS
Having Chris come to our office on Wednesday's is our "getting over the hump day" treat. In our profession, so much tension builds up in our shoulders and neck area. Chris provides a welcome relief. She is awesome!
Joe C. Trammell, D.D.S.
Chad R Hutchison, D.D.S.
We offer on-site chair massage with GHMT through our corporate wellness program and our associates love it! In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find the time to get away, but thanks to GHMT, our associates can take a short break from their day to focus on themselves to relax.
Mary Katherine Barranco